General Information



The first step towards applying for the tenancy of an available property, is satisfactory completion of the referencing procedure. You will be required to provide the necessary information on an application form for submission to our referencing agents, together with payment of fees as follows:

  • £150 Agency Fee plus,
  • £  40 Per Applicant

On receipt of your completed application form, our agents will immediately commence the checking procedure. Once they provide us with a favourable report, we will then make application on your behalf, to the Landlord. No refunds will be made, if for any reason, the tenancy should not proceed e.g. should you change your mind or references prove unsatisfactory.

Landlord approval

If the Landlord approves your application, a written offer of tenancy will be sent to you, with a draft

Tenancy Agreement.

The Tenancy Agreement is a legal contract between the Landlord and Tenant. You should read this document carefully and ensure that you understand it fully. This will usually be an Assured Shorthold, which means that:

  • You are entitled to stay in the property for the period stated, provided that you meet all your obligations
  • If the Landlord wishes to end the tenancy, you will be given two months notice to quit the premises
  • Should you wish to vacate the property at the end of the agreed period, you are required to give one months prior written notice
  • If you to vacate the property earlier than the termination date, you will be responsible for the rent payments for the entire period

Prior to Occupation

Before you take occupation:

  • The Tenancy Agreement must be signed
  • The first months rent and a security deposit (usually equal to one months rent plus £200) must be paid. This payment must be made in cash, or by building society cheque or bankers draft.
  • A standing order must be signed for payment of future monthly rent on the monthly due date


A detailed inventory will be provided with your Tenancy Agreement. Please check this carefully.

Security Deposit

All deposits are held by The Deposit Protection Service in compliance with the Housing Act 2004. Detailed information is available on their web site www.depositprotection.com.

When your tenancy expires, the property will be checked against the inventory and should there be any missing items or damage (other than fair wear and tear) we would require suitable deductions be made from your deposit.

The Landlord must be satisfied with the condition of the property and agreement reached on any deductions and instructions given to 'The Deposit Protection Service' for refunds to be made accordingly. This will be done as speedily as possible and sent to your forwarding address. Full refund of deposits is dependent upon:

  • Rent being fully paid and up to date
  • All bills relating to the tenancy being paid
  • The property being well maintained
  • Items listed on the inventory are all present and in good condition


Your Landlord is responsible for ensuring the property and any items which belong to him that are left at the property.   However, it is the Tenants' responsibility to effect any insurance that they may require for their own possessions.

Property Visits

We have an obligation to our Landlords to conduct regular inspections of all tenanted properties and to report back to them on the condition.

  • These visits also provide us the opportunity to check with you that the tenancy is running to your satisfaction, and for you to advise us of any problems or necessary repairs
  • In order for repairs to be carried out, and for the property to be inspected, you will be required to allow access to ourselves, the Landlord or contractors appointed to undertake the repair work
  • An appointment will be made prior to any visits of this nature


The property must be vacated on the agreed date. We will make an appointment to meet you at the property, where we will check the property against the inventory, take meter readings and the keys. We will require your forwarding address, at which we will advise you when we are able to release your deposit. Please also arrange for the redirection of your mail.

General Information

An important list of DOs and DONTs:

Please DO:

  • Advise us of any change in your personal circumstances
  • Make sure that you understand the terms and conditions of your Tenancy Agreement
  • Be sure to check your inventory
  • Advise the relevant utilities and Royal Mail of your move
  • Advise us promptly of any maintenance problems
  • Ask if you are in doubt


  • Make any alterations to your Tenancy Agreement or take in any paying guests.
  • Re-decorate or carry out maintenance or repairs without consulting us and obtaining approval from the Landlord.
  • Refuse reasonable access to any person or organisation authorised by the Landlord to check the property or undertake repair work
  • Move out without advising us
  • Use your deposit as your last months rent


North Somerset District Council

Various information relating to council services etc.


Offers a variety of services, including insurances geared specifically to the letting industry - landlords and tenants


Information on grants available for insulation etc.

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